Pete the Cat and the Quest for the Perfect Race


Just a few days after taking the 17 mile detour at the White Mountains Triathlon, I contemplated my next move. I was eager for a respectable result. I wanted redemption. I was in search of an outcome that would validate all of my hard work, effort, and sacrifice that I have put into my training for months on end. I felt the need for validation. I had signed up for two other half ironman races in August and September, but I couldn’t wait that long. I longed for a satisfying result.

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My triumphant return to triathlon – making the best of a not so perfect race day!

Ever had a perfect race, where everything unfolded exactly the way you envisioned it would? Some athletes can bring to mind one or two races over the course of their careers, where the stars seem to align and everything goes exactly according to plan. However, more often than naught, something unexpected happens on race day. These unpredictable obstacles present a test of mental fortitude, which often proves to be significantly more challenging than any physical test you face on race day. How you respond is ultimately up to you! With a certain mindset and mental preparedness, you can overcome any race day mishap and finish the day feeling successful.

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