The Power of a Smile


The last big race of my season was on the horizon – Pumpkinman Half Ironman. After my performance at Timberman 70.3, I was very optimistic about earning a solid result at this race. Leading up to the race, I felt mentally and physically ready to roll. I was confident. I was hopeful. I was excited. I had trained hard for months and this was my last chance to cash in on all the time I had devoted to training. This was it — my final long race.

Ordinarily, I prefer the day before a big race to be relatively mellow. We had some childcare lined up for the day, so my husband and I decided it was a good opportunity to go car shopping. Our outing was initially targeted toward “seeing what our options were” by visiting a few different car dealers. Not surprisingly, our exploratory car search turned into a full-fledged car buying experience. As a result, the evening turned into a bit of a frenzy… My husband was at the car dealer haggling over floor mats, seat covers, and roof rails for our new minivan, while I spent the evening preparing dinner, scrubbing grime off of our dirty children, and trying desperately to get the kids to close their eyes and drift off to sleep. Not the relaxing evening I had hoped for the night before my BIG race! Knowing that I had to get up at an ungodly hour to drive up to Maine for the race, I was hoping to settle into bed early. That was not going to happen on this night, as I hadn’t finished getting my gear ready for the race. Life with young children… Things rarely unfold as scripted!

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