Below are some testimonials from athletes that I have worked with over the past few years both as a coach and as a sports psychology consultant.

I tell so many people all of the time about my fantastic coach.  What makes me say


Nicole and Meg after the 2017 Boston Marathon

that?  I’ve been running for over 35 years and I finally feel like I have a running coach.  Kim knows what she is talking about, the workouts are always different, she provide youtube videos as guides to my core workouts, she is organized, and she follows through, I never have to wait to hear back from Kim as her communication is immediate.  I love the feedback she gives me on my training and for the first time in my life I have a coach who sees my output and capabilities and pushes me beyond.  Who pr’s in their late 40’s and still feels like there’s more inside?  I was skeptical at first about training by HR and slowing my pace down but I trusted Kim and the process and it works.  I always look forward to my workouts, I never have to wait for an update to my training schedule and if I have a question I never have to wait more than a day for a reply.  

I also know how many athletes Kim coaches but she always makes me feel like I’m her only athlete.  I’m glad that I found Kim and that I finally have a coach that I trust in and one that gives me what I need for the sport that I love.”

— Nicole A.

I have worked with a coaches before, but none like Kim.  She understands the demands of life and the desire to compete.  Kim works within those confines to provide you the tools to succeed.  She listens, she reviews your data, and uses that information to customize your next workouts in order to pushes you further than you thought possible.  I can honestly say she has made me physically and mentally stronger.  I look forward to fulfilling my potential with Kim’s coaching!”  

– Alexis D.

I’ve had other coaches and Kim is hands down the best in a number of ways.  She never makes me feel less than 100% athlete, even though I did not start competing more than recreationally until after my 40’s.  

She gives 100% to the athletes she coaches, always thoughtfully analyzing my work and responding in a timely manner.  The workouts are never canned and they are always tailored for my specific needs. Most importantly, she sets an incredible example and gives us all something to aspire to.  Not only her amazing athletic accomplishments, but all while raising three young children!!  She is able to do this through her calm and mindful approach to everything she does. I feel so lucky to have her!”

– Susan D.


Ira standing atop the podium at Patriot Half Ironman!


Kim Webster is vey thoughtful, and she is excellent at tailoring a coaching plan,to your specific needs. She is a very quick study, and you will work hard and will improve your performance. She is a remarkable role model as well, which helps with motivating you to emulate her extraordinary achievements.

– Ira S. 




FullSizeRender (2)

Katie celebrating her triumphant finish at IMMT 2016

“Kim has been coaching me for the 2 best years of my triathlon career. In my first season she coached me to a one-hour improvement in my 70.3 PR. She has helped me believe in myself when I didn’t and inspired me to have the confidence to sign up for my first full ironman.  During the long ironman training process, Kim was by my side every step of the way- shuffling and modifying my workout plan to accommodate my chaotic work schedule and family needs; giving prompt feedback after every single workout; troubleshooting with me when I had tough weeks; and reframing my mental attitude to help me see the positive even when I couldn’t – thereby making the training journey infinitely more enjoyable.  Race day itself was easier than I expected. Kim is that amazing. She made an Ironman painless. Every single aspect of race preparation was addressed thoroughly – physically I was ready; mentally Kim helped me come up with multiple strategies to tap into if my mind wandered to a dark place; my nutrition was tweaked again and again; and I was rested and excited for race day.  Kim understands that I’m not a professional athlete, that I have a demanding career and 2 young kids, but has fit ironman training into my life quite seamlessly.  An accomplished athlete herself, there is no doubt that she knows what she’s doing. Kim coaches her athletes with the same drive she puts into her own training, putting her heart and soul into helping us fulfill our own goals, whether the goal is finishing a local triathlon or qualifying for Kona. She motivates, she inspires, she challenges like no other.”

–  Katie D.


Rachel with her signature smile at IMMT 2016.

“This is my first season working with a coach and Kim has far exceeded my expectations. She understands my busy work/life schedule and welcomes my feedback when planning workouts – I can clearly tell I am getting a customized training plan. In the 8 months I’ve worked with Kim, she has been able to transform my run and make me a stronger biker, and keeps me accountable when I want to slack off in the pool 🙂 I love that she is an experienced triathlete and I get to see and compete with her at races, and she always has a positive attitude, especially when I need it most! I have 100% confidence that she is the reason I will complete my first Ironman in 3 weeks, and I will be finishing with a smile on my face!”

– Rachel A.

Click here to read Rachel’s race report from IMMT.


Kim crushing it at IMLP 2016!

“With the goal of finishing an ironman in 2016, I knew that in order to prepare mentally and physically for this grueling athletic undertaking I had to seek the advice of a seasoned triathlon coach. Kim and I clicked right away, I knew her own experience in the sport of triathlon, flexible training approach and sports psychology background made her the perfect coach to help me on this journey. She helped build a plan that worked with my busy work schedule to get me to the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid. During training I found out that I had a herniated disc in my lower back, which very well could have ended my Ironman dreams. Kim helped me keep my eyes on the prize and went the extra mile by helping me work through a plan to accommodate my back injury by working with my chiropractor and physical therapist to ensure that I was training safely with the appropriate volume to complete an Ironman distance race. She was extremely communicative and always listened to my questions, concerns or any issues I was having with training and also in life! The year of training was tough but also so much fun! It all paid off on race day; I felt extremely well prepared and enjoyed every minute of the race. I credit Kim’s customized plan and incredible listening skills for getting me through such a tough race and finishing with a smile. I not only feel as though I have found a lifelong triathlon coach, but a friend who cares about me as more than a triathlete, but a person!

 – Kim F.


Kim and I the day before the big race. So thrilled I had the chance to witness her accomplish her dream in person!

“‘Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.’  The origin of this quote is a matter of debate, but I have come to realize its truth.  I sought out Kim Webster as a sports psychology consultant because my mind was causing me suffering within my sport.  It was interfering with both my performance and my enjoyment of triathlon.  With Kim’s help, I learned to free myself of the tyranny of judgements in my head.  To my surprise, this not only resulted in relieving my suffering and improving my focus in sport, but it has also enriched my life!  Thank you, Kim!”

– Susan F.

For more information or to be put in touch with any of these athletes about their experiences, e-mail me at kim@breakthroughperformancecoaching.com.