Triathlon Coaching Services

BPC_logo-1-e1464058122195Since 2014, I have worked as a coach for Breakthrough Performance Coaching.  BPC is a data driven coaching service that works with athletes from newbies to Kona qualifiers to help them formulate and ultimately reach their goals.  I work closely with my athletes to develop fully customized training plans based on their individual strengths, weaknesses, goals, and schedules.  By coupling data analysis with regular subjective feedback from the athlete, I am able to stay fully in tune with how each athlete is progressing.  Training is so much more than just a physical process, so I work closely with each athlete to make sure he/she is on track with nutrition, recovery techniques, and of course mental strategies to employ during training and racing.  I develop an extensive race plan with race targets, pacing guidelines, nutritional advice, and mental strategies for each of my athlete’s key races.  I am invested in each of my athletes and work hard to help each one achieve his/her goals! I am a USAT certified Level 1 and an Ironman Certified Coach.

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